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Ph.D. Programme Art & Design

Founded in April, 2003 Research Centre of UCAD offers an exclusive research program in the field of Fine Arts offering M. Phil leading to Ph.D. Degree in theoretical and practical disciplines. The Ph.D. Program educates scholars to various disciplines of Fine Arts, such as Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. Doctoral students are free to take any area of their choice related to the arts and crafts. They are encouraged to look at the social, cultural and religious aspects for the understanding of the arts. The program concentrates on the study of Islamic Arts, Western Arts, Asian Arts and specifically Arts in Pakistan. The major goal, however, is to emphasize inquiry into the fundamental principles, philosophies, and theories of the arts.
The most valuable contribution of the Research Centre is to establish a cell, known as PURAF (Punjab University Research Artists Forum). PURAF is founded by a group of research artists who aim to work in harmony with the upcoming challenges that Pakistan is facing today and in times to come both in art and cultural preservation. PURAF promises to acquire a milestone status in the world of visual arts because it perceives the fragility and sensitivity of the time of its birth with one crystalline objective of maintaining our classical cultural backdrop for future pride. PURAF realizes the exigency of times today.
PURAF, also cherishes the opportunity of its being the first research oriented art gallery in Pakistan and thus in modern spectrum of transition and change globally, it is determined to participate optimistically and positively in the development of national and international arts.
PURAF, is further sub-grouped into three cells to achieve the effective and productive gains of its objectives i.e.
PURAF Gallery
PURAF Scholars
PURAF Publications
The committed group of PURAF Gallery believes undoubtedly in deeper exploration of art and culture and encourages that aesthetical and spiritual endeavors of visual arts.
PURAF, scholars look forward for any opportunity to conduct seminars, conferences, talks, lectures, symposiums and dialogues about the indigenous and foreign arts and cultures for a better comprehension and absorption of the role of art and artist in society.
PURAF, publications group establishes an environment of communication and apprehension of art and culture with a wider range of vision and cult of acceptance. It generates platforms for diversified and multidimensional opinions to co-exist perpetually.

Publications/ Research / Books

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